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Webmaster Note Nov 2019 . Well, it looks like this slacker webmaster has a pattern of unfulfilled promises, and remorse that seems to surface in the fall 8-O m(. Now that there is a new scare of vaping issues here in the U.S., it's time to resume unsurfacing the truth. Hopefully this time I'll keep my promise to catch up & update.

Webmaster Note Nov 2016 . I deeply apologize for not staying on top of the latest research. I have been in a malaise for 2 years over the U.S. World Government and NGO's unwillingness to weigh facts honestly, and their blatant misinformation. I hope to get the site back up to speed as soon as I can.

The truth may be out there, but why is it so hard to find?

E-Cigarettes fly in the face of historical nicotine consumption methods and resemble tobacco products enough to the lay person that they are widely misunderstood. They are also currently the subject of premature and over-reactive political and media hyperbole due to their exponential growth in use since 2008. Premature regulation based on misinformation stands to deny the public one of the greatest health benefits in the last 200 years.

As research unfolds, I intend to post it here for your sake, as well as mine. For now I'm publishing the links to the research materials I've gathered (and continue to gather), and little by little adding summary reference pages so that we can decide for ourselves.

“In light of many countries’ widespread failure to prevent initiation and promote cessation, both before and after the FCTC, these countries have a responsibility under the right to health not to deprive smokers of a possibly efficacious means of reducing harm through acceptable substitutes to conventional nicotine self-administration.” 1)

There are big stakes in this game. There is money to be made by the companies that manufacture and sell e-cigarettes, there are constituents to please, there are workers to keep employed, and there is the public’s safety to ensure. Regulation by the FDA has the potential to greatly impact how e-cigarettes are marketed, sold and used in this country. And as the media is so quick to point out, once the decision on regulation is made, someone stands to lose. 2))

Glaxo Memo Shows Drug Industry Lobbying on E-Cigarettes
GlaxoSmithKline Plc is pushing for more stringent regulation of electronic cigarettes, which compete with its Nicorette gum and other smoking cessation products, according to e-mails from a company executive. 3)

But does it really have to be this way?

e-Cigarettes have great potential to reduce the death and disability caused by tobacco in this country. On a one-to-one basis, there is no doubt that e-cigarettes are less harmful than combustible cigarettes. So, if we could convince smokers to throw away their cigarettes and instead use an e-cigarette, wouldn’t we all benefit? 4)

NOTE: If you find a document or excerpt of one that you want to share on the web, please visit the site of the original via the citation, and share the original link.

(The web is already obfuscated enough when it comes to quotes of research papers).

Otherwise, please feel free to share this site's home page, or send me a link to any page here that doesn't have a citation!


This site is the result of my 47 year use of tobacco products and failed attempts to quit with any of the recommended “methods”, and my (now) 8 years of being tobacco-free after discovering e-cigarettes. As my 60th birthday approached I thought I would try once again to quit, this time with a quit date 2 months in advance.

With about 2 weeks to go before my birthday I realized that although I had cut back on cigarettes, I was still too reliant on my daily nicotine to successfully quit. Then I discovered e-cigarettes. I don't frequent shopping malls or convenience stores, so I had never heard of these things until I somehow found them on the web.

Too good to be true? Would these things work? They're probably just as bad for me as cigarettes I thought, and my health was why I really decided to quit this time. So I set out to find the truth. My first understanding was that they clearly weren't as bad for me as burning tobacco, so I tried them.

Yes. They worked for me. From day 1. And, so far for 8 years. In 47 years and countless quit attempts along the way, I have never before been tobacco-free for this length of time.

AND I've never felt better. (Well, Ok. 20 and 30 is tough to beat).

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