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Ecigarette mist harmless, inhaled or exhaled

Report 1)


Electronic cigarettes, without tobacco, flame or smoke, claim to be cigarette substitutes and to deliver nicotine safely, without smoke toxicants. Are these claims justified?


This report aims to assist regulators in initial assessment of the safety of the Ruyan® e-cigarette and its cartridges, and the possible risks and benefits from permitting its use.


Health New Zealand Ltd contracted with seven leading government, university and commercial laboratories in New Zealand and Canada to independently perform various tests on the Ruyan cigarette’s nicotine refill cartridge.


CHEMICALS IN SMOKE and E-cigarette
MIST Cigarette SMOKE E-cigarette MIST
Nicotine per puff YES 0.1 mg/puff YES 0.01 mg/puff
Propylene glycol NO 0 mg/puff YES 0.7 mg/puff
Carbon monoxide YES NONE
Acrolein YES NONE
Hydrogen cyanide YES NONE
CARCINOGENS 1,3- Butadiene and 20+ others Trace amounts of a few only
Acetaldehyde YES TRACE
Acrylonitrile YES NONE
Arsenic YES NONE
Benzalphapyrene YES NONE
Benzene YES NONE
Cadmium YES NONE
NNN, NNK (nitrosamines) YES TRACE

Exhaled breath after e-cigarette use has been tested for CO only. No increase in CO was found.

The e-cigarette does not create side-stream smoke.

Exhaled breath after e-smoking contains even less nicotine per puff, as much of the nicotine inhaled is absorbed.

Similarly, propylene glycol is largely absorbed and little is exhaled.


Ruyan® V8 nicotine e-cigarette users do not inhale smoke or smoke toxicants. The modest reductions recommended in 2008 by WHO’s Tobacco Regulation committee for 9 major toxicants in cigarette smoke, in line with Articles 9 and 10 of the FCTC (WHO Framework Convention Tobacco Control treaty), are already far exceeded by the Ruyan® e-cigarette, as it is free of all accompanying smoke toxicants. Absolute safety does not exist for any drug, but relative to lethal tobacco smoke emissions, Ruyan e-cigarette emissions appear to be several magnitudes safer. E-cigarettes are akin to a medicinal nicotine inhalator in safety, dose, and addiction potential.

E-cigarettes are cigarette substitutes. If they can take nicotine market share from cigarettes, and that is the big question, they will improve smoker and population health. They may also have a secondary role as medicinal nicotine inhaler quitting aids.

Further trials of acceptability, addiction potential, clinical safety, and quitting efficacy are needed.


The author has authored or co-authored over 30 research papers and reports in national and international scientific medical journals since 1995, on smoking, and latterly on testing of cigarettes and cigarette substitutes.

Financial disclosure: This report is funded by Ruyan.

Disclaimer: Apart from research Health New Zealand derives no financial benefit from Ruyan.

The actual report is extremely comprehensive and warrants a better abstract/summary. Tests were also done for the presence of heavy metals (Arsenic, Antimony, Cadmium, Chromium, Cobalt, Copper, Lead, Manganese and Nickel) and none were detected. Additionally, no carcinogenic PAH (Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons) were detected. http://www.healthnz.co.nz/RuyanCartridgeReport30-Oct-08.pdf

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