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RainMan's Commentary on the 24 Apr 2014 FDA Deeming Regulations

Since I started vaping 2 years ago I've collected this research, and to see most of it being ignored is frustrating. I'm 62 but I'm past ready for revolution.

From what I know now I think the sh– hit the fan a while back, and it would take a miracle of Congress to redefine nicotine as NOT a tobacco product, but rather a recreational substance for adult consumption, to reverse the inevitable ban.

The ban probably won't happen in one generation, but it's in play and the seemingly “ok” deeming regulations are setting the stage, largely unnoticed.

1.- The WHO has set an agenda that is being carried out worldwide, the most notable and recent with the legislation in the U. K. and other E.U. countries.

It's called the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC) and they've been working on it for 9 years. The U.S. is the largest government that has NOT (yet) ratified the FCTC, but it IS a signatory 1) .

We here in the U.S. are the bastard big brother that has to join the rest of the family quietly, so as to still appear to be sovereign to our own immediate family members. But, we've got some family members in our clan (FDA, CDC, and influential U.S. NGO's) that have already decided we need to go “global” on this issue.

And, as was pointed out in a leaked WHO memo 2),Draft Summary Record of the Second Meeting of the Fifth Bureau Conference of the Parties to the WHO FCTC:
2.- Under the FCTC tobacco products (including e-cigs) are targeted for eventual removal from society. (lines 11 and 23 in particular)

3.- The most recent FDA position paper on e-cigs was published on our seemingly closest family member's home turf, the U.K.'s BMJ Tobacco Control 3),4), not a U.S. journal. Why there? But, it's no surprise that it's overwhelmingly negative toward e-cigs.

4.- Michael Siegel's analysis of the FDA Deeming Proposal 5) points out just how bleak the outlook is for e-cig products in the future.

5.- Given the surface appearance that the Deeming Regulations “could be worse” which is the likely comment from vapers, and the lead time the FDA built in for the climate to “cool” and people to acclimate to the status quo …

.. The younger of us are screwed, and the older of us have the means to work around the inevitable (stock up) and get on with our shorter lives until we no longer answer to mortals.

A real shame for anyone still burning tobacco, though.

But my head hurts from beating it against the wall for my 2 years of vaping, and I just bought another gallon of 10% 50/50 so I don't really have to go through the anguish if I don't want to.

They call themselves “Tobacco Control” for a reason, and the reason is “elimination”.

And by the way, the deeming regulations include the wording: '. . section 916(a)(2)(B) of the FD&C Act states that the express preemption provision in subparagraph (A) “does not apply to requirements relating to” among other things “the sale, distribution, possession, information reporting to the State, exposure to, access to, the advertising and promotion of, or use of, tobacco products by individuals of any age.” '

Which allows U.S. jurisdictions to continue to ban & regulate e-cig sales & use where and when they see fit. So much for that sigh of relief.

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