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About the site, and references

I am working on better navigation and better search options, but for the time being, the best way to search is by using the search box (it's a full text search) or the cloud tags.

About the pages: I have created each page with the title as the research paper title. At a very minimum the page will also have the Abstract for the document, and often I will add relevant notes and/or extra pertinent text excerpts from the document. More on notations, below.

Each page will also have at least one footnote at the end of the text that links to a citation of the paper on the very bottom of the page. Where possible, a web URL should provide a link to the journal page where (hopefully!) the entire document can be downloaded for examination. In some cases, the link will be prefixed with “doi:” which means “Digital Object Identifier” and the link will do a Google Scholar search for the document. Many times a Journal will not allow access to a full research paper, but a Google Scholar search will reveal another Journal that will allow access, or sometimes Scholar will simply list a direct link to a download.

Page Highlighting and Notations: Any highlighted text and bold text inside highlighting will be done by me for quick attention to key statements, etc. You may also find boxes with additional footnotes or other callouts that are attributed to “Webmaster”, etc. and those are also my notations, not by the document's author or publisher.

I hope the site helps you find the information you need, and please leave any site comments, or suggestions for missing documents (or page text!) of relevance by sending an e-mail to the admin via the contact link on the Home page.

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