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Air Sanitizers- US EPA Document Air Sanitizers DIS/TSS-11 / Sep. 3, 1980 EFFICACY DATA AND LABELING REQUIREMENTS: Air Sanitizers These requirements apply to products with label claims for the treatment of air to reduce the numbers of airborne microorganisms.
FAMILY SMOKING PREVENTION AND TOBACCO CONTROL ACT (FSPTCA) Statute An Act To protect the public health by providing the Food and Drug Administration with certain authority to regulate tobacco products, to amend title 5, United States Code, to make certain modifications in the Thrift Savings Plan, the Civil Service Retirement System, and the Federal Employees’ Retirement System, and for other purposes.
FD&CA 21 USC Ch. 9 Statute . . . . §321. Definitions; generally For the purposes of this chapter— (a)(1) The term “State”, except as used in the last sentence of section 372(a) of this title, means any State or Territory of the United States, the District of Columbia, and the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico.
SMOKING EVERYWHERE, INC., Plaintiff, and SOTTERA, INC., d/b/a NJOY, Intervenor-Plaintiff, v. U.S. FOOD AND DRUG ADMINISTRATION, et aI., Defendants. Case Case 1:09-cv-00771-RJL Document 54 Filed 01/14/10 UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT FOR THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA